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Salas was born in Southern California, but has been a resident of Cascadia since 1998. He has been a practicing pagan since early 1999, and received his Ordination from the ULC in 2009. In that same year, Salas was one of seven members who created Temple of the Gnarled Oak. Since early 2011, Salas has been active in street protests, participating in actions such as the Port of Portland Shutdown, March Against Monsanto, Fennica Blockade, among others. Believing that the tenets of Paganism and Bioregionalism are of similar delineations, his spirituality and activism began to coalesce together. Jungor Ut Implear!

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Morgan is a political and theological iconoclast, activist, and organizer. He has served Cascadia as a Pagan minister for more than 15 yrs. Morgan is also a founding member & administrator at Temple of the Gnarled Oak which has always been dedicated to support for cross-cultural dialogue, and challenging self-segregation tendencies within cultures to advance shared interests and values that honor Life. Morgan enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, and generally any excuse to be enjoying our Bioregion's beauty

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