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Cascadia Emissaries Mission Statement

As Cascadia Emissaries, our mission is to create a decentralized/leaderless movement that is inclusive,
focusing on a Cascadian, Multicultural , Bioregional , Intercultural , Paradigm Shift .
The Cascadia Bioregion is the area of the United States
commonly referred to as the "Pacific Northwest." This area encompasses Oregon,
Washington, Southeastern Alaska, Western Canada, Western Montana, Northwestern Wyoming,
Idaho, Northeastern Nevada, and Northern California.

Cascadia Emissaries Vision Statement

Cascadia Emissaries seek to bring about shift in consciousness
which will radically change the relationships between humans with the earth,
nature, other communities, and out relationship to ourselves.
Cascadia Emissaries focus being on Biocentrism , diversity, and inclusive community resistance.

4th Pillar Proposal

Fourth Pillar (Branch) of Co-Equal Cascadian Democratic Governance:

Why the 4th Pillar?

This proposal assumes preservation of the US constitution's provisions of the 3 existing Co-Equal branches of Federal-level governance, and calls for the implementation of an additional investigative body in finding of fact, and to act as check/balance to executive, legislative, & judicial bodies as known from the old Empire (USA).
It also views the US constitution through the historical lens of 17th century Colonial America's issues, demographics, politics, economic necessities, and lack of general education/literacy, technological and communicative efficiency, etc., to define parameters of my critique that follows here.
Cascadia Emissaries are attempting to focus on the cancerous-dynamic we've experienced since it's creation/implementation, and the systemic corruption of it's tenets; and most importantly a possibility of how to transcend it's flaws in a 'simple' manner easily approached by common people today. This is done purely for a scientifically accurate, and whole view of the US constitution as a document that is and was the ultimate Law of the Land. We offer no romanticized notion of any egalitarian sensibilities of the “Founding Fathers,” that should be considered remotely close to what we have PROGRESSED to now in the 21st century, nor for any of those human rights abuses that were common practice/policy/law at the time.
It has withstood diverse tests of it's principals/tenets, and has set precedents through many revolutions of several different types and magnitudes across the previous 2+ centuries of it's existence. It is already familiar to most of our population i.e.; populace-adjacent & has provided the backbone of our civil rights progress to date. It has been the model most democratic societies have used as a template for their own Nation's constitutions thus widely-trusted. We believe that we can right our current, horribly flawed course by adding a 4th Pillar/branch of Coequal Governance that is comprised exclusively from our own ranks of average citizens. Thus elaborated below...

Duties shall include:

Body Membership:

Ecoregions (cantons) within Cascadia are each encouraged to replicate this 4th Pillar within their Ecoregion, the communities residing there to a scaled-version of the Bioregional standard.
4Th Pillar Members may campaign for/assist a fellow member to bid for a Cascadian 4th Pillar seat.
Panel must be comprised of an independent (non-monopolized - lobbying shall be aggressively outlawed in the 4th pillar) selection of industry professionals, scientists, academics/scholars, and other relevant individuals as well as invited guests of similar repute to assist the panel in finding of fact/oversight as can be scientifically demonstrable to said panel.
The panel's membership shall be of Cascadian’s who will represent the diversity of our inter-cultural demographics specifically; Cascadia’s respective tribes, ethnicities, political parties, economic affiliations, religious/gender identity, sexual orientation, et al.
If a Cascadian citizen is unable to perform the duties of their post then that individual will be deemed unfit for service in that post and appropriate action will be taken, up to an including removal from that Cascadian Public Office.
The findings of the Panel shall be utilized as The Authoritative/originating guideline from which further governmental debate/discussion of policy and procedure will provide the verifiable facts to base their proposals on.
These found-facts are not binding beyond governmental policies and procedures; None of them shall be construed in any way to stifle research, debate, public/private discussion, etc. up to and including full Freedom of Speech/Thought and the Right to express and publish any/all opinions regardless whether opinion agrees w/”finding-of-fact” or not. i.e.; 4th Pillar shall not legislate “morality” to any citizen or agency, public or private.
Specifically the purview of the 4th Pillar shall be constricted to the concerns within the widest perspective of Cascadia's specific Bioregional contexts/affairs.

Cascadia Emissaries. (c) 07/26/2017